Friday, February 21, 2014

Back at it!

So it's been awhile, without looking at any dates, I'd say it's been almost a year and a half before I tried to start blogging. Lot's have happen in between, I'm going to say to much to write about. 

However there are some highlights, spent the summer in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin (2013). Talk about my happy place, is there much better than a cabin in the summer(well other than running trails)? Let's see I traveled to Utah and Oregon (twice), both very fun trips to visit friends and hike/run with family. Em and I started our second year at CAG (The American School of Guatemala), hiked the tallest and third tallest volcanoes/peaks in Central America (Volcan Tajamulco, and Volcan Acatenago). While in Utah, I ran my second ultramarathon Speedgoat 50K (claimed to be the toughest 50k in the United States), finishing in a time of 8hrs and some change I think like 3 minutes or so... next races/runs Grandma's Marathon (June 2014, Dance with Dirt 50 Mile July 2014 and the big one Superior 100! Going for that belt-buckle).

I was the best man in Brennan's wedding, which was such a great wedding and weekend. So happy I got to be apart of it, so great to see friends and one of my best marry the love of his life... 

Took a family trip up north this winter break (2013) to visit our Great-Grandma Vida (97 years old), what an amazing woman chopped her own wood, canned her own jam, and snowplowed the driveway all on her own until she was 93... oh did I mention she also had a mild heart attack and walked herself to the hosptial a mile away, I sure hope to live as long and as healthy as she... My goal 103 years!

And last but not least Em's brother and friend John came down to Guate to kick off 2014 with a bang in Tikal... great trip and fun to have them around for 2 weeks... 

Well I think this is a pretty good summary of what I have been up to for the last year or so... my life is turning into an awesome adventure and I wouldn't want it any other way! I really do need to do this more often, it's fun and what a great way to keep track of my adventure with Em and friends! Over and out! 

Oh and forgot to mention I saved my best bud Marcus' life when he came down to Guate... He is in the front of the kayak and this about 15 minutes before the heimlich maneuver was performed in the middle of Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Good thing I remember all those lifesaving techniques from life-guarding, right Marco???

Good thing the Mayan's were wrong about the end of the world, otherwise this picture would not have been possible. Em and I visiting Tikal (2014)

The Fuller Brothers with Great-Grandma Vida


Athletes at a wedding=the death of the bouquet...  

Speedgoat 50K, Mile 26 at 11,000ft 
Speedgoat Race Profile
Awesome hiking group after climbing Volcan Acatenago 3rd tallest in C.A.
Em and I on top of C.A. summit of Volcan Tajamulco

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Running Pictures 2012

Some pictures from my running adventures in 2012, minus Grandma's Marathon

50 mile ready

First 25 mile loop

My Mom, aka Support Crew

                                                                          Mile 48

First Entry

As I sit down to write my first entry on my blog, there are a lot of thoughts running around my head. Such as uh-oh I have a lot of catching up to do! You see about 3 months ago my girlfriend Emily and I moved to Guatemala, in those 3 months we have been very lucky to not only start work at a great school.  But we have also had the chance to travel to many places Guatemala has to offer. 

I can't even imagine what this thing will look like after being here for 3 years. Like I said this is my first entry and many things have happened since the move.  I don't want to bore anyone (including myself) by going back in time, so today I start.  My next entry when I do have the time, most likely tonight or tomorrow will go back in time.  

Not way back though, only back to last weekend.  Which was pretty awesome.  I went to El Salvador to run in race which awesome and a great experience.  

Also, please don't worry about grammar and spelling on my blog. I want to write freely, so what my mind thinks is what you will get.  I'm also a horrible speller! 

The person who gets credit for me starting this thing is my main man Brennan (B).  I will be his best man in his upcoming wedding (so pumped) and he said it best... "You better start a damn blog soon so I can see all this stuff and so you don't forget how awesome you were when you're 75 on a porch telling some cocky young buck about your travels".
Enough said... thank's B

Enjoy the picture of me and my man Nicolas (met him while racing) on the summit of Ilamatepec, in Santa Ana, El Salvador!